Ulti Arena is an up-and-coming NFT marketplace that will feature Play2Earn assets for non-blockchain games. Ulti Arena's vision is to tokenize assets giving creators due credit with the use of blockchain. From game development and creatives, tokenizing in-game assets will boost mainstream adaption as Ulti Arena leads the way. Ulti Arena's signature character is the Street Fighter.
Whats in the Box?
Small Box
1 Epic Character
1 Deadly Weapon
1 Loyal Companion
1 City Block
Medium Box
3 Epic Characters
3 Deadly Weapons
3 Loyal Companions
3 City Blocks
5 Epic Characters
5 Deadly Weapons
5 Loyal Companions
5 City Blocks
Technology has bend the rules of engagement. Street Fighters maintain their sense of honor while leaning on the motivation to survive. The martial arts world has finally reached its peak through physical augmentation and fighting techniques.
The hands carry the fight and the will brings the honor. But do they fight for glory or money?
Street Fighters
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