Genesis NFT Drop is Live!


A New Era of Play to Earn NFT Game is already here.

Play to Earn game with Tokenized Assets and NFT Characters set in the futuristic Endless Megapolis.

Genesis is now live

In the not so distant future, Cyber City dominates the planet, and corporations run the world.

These Corporations control all the wealth and resources, leaving the inhabitants of the City in a dire existence.
Cyber City Streets are ugly, cruel and dangerous. A perfect environment for the strongest and most cunning to claw their way to the top.
strong communities to fight together
your city block to get access to the upgrades
resources to build up your strength
in the underground companion Races to earn some resources
for domination over this chthonic Megapolis
The last stronghold of tradition and honor in the Dystopian World of Iniquity. A fearless warrior ready to fight and die for his Master. His weapon is his soul, and it doesn’t have any room for mercy

Cyber Samurai


Armored Shiba

Man’s best friend with heavy armor ready to fight to death alongside the owner. Cute, loyal and deadly.
With unlimited access to the World Wide Web, human existence on and off the Net morphed into one. With this, the occult and superstition evolved as well, and a new type of Magic emerged. Hages harness this power, but it's as dangerous for them as for their foes.



Cyber Spirit

Someone's Digitalized Soul, which came from the Internet and got stuck in the mortal plane. With no memories and no goals of its own, it follows randomly chosen Master as a companion.
The priest of the cult of the Machine long ago abandoned his humanity, becoming a Gear in the Construction and Plans of the cult. Strives for complete augmentation of his body for unity with the Machine. Priests devotion and research are what he continues to exist for.




Mechanical war and convenience devise designed after the extinct marine animal. Weaponized, practical, and cool-looking.
Alium Finance
Alium Clan was born from the early 21st century Project. Their struggle to Decentralize the World Structure still lives on in the hearts and minds of the Clan’s descendents.   
Ulti Arena

Genesis is now live


NFT Boxes Drop by 10 Clans

October 2021
There will be 10000 Characters, 10000 City Blocks and 450 000 ingame Resources packaged in 6000 NFT Boxes Dropped.
There will be 5 NFT Boxes Drops - 2 Clans at a time.

Boxes Opening

November 2021
NFT Boxes owners will be able to unpack the boxes and receive their Characters, Weapons, Companions, City Blocks and ingame resources.

Underground Companion Races Launch

January 2022
Players will be able to use their Companions to Race, Stake and Earn in the Underground Companion Circus

Launch of the game

April 2022


Which genre the game is going to be?
t's a mix between RPG, Strategy, and Turn-Based Combat with some cool minigame mechanics. The theme of the game is dystopian cyberpunk neo-Tokyo-styled future - the year 2088.
What’s the main point of the game?
The game itself is a battle for resources. You’ll need all of them to progress and as it often happens with limited resources - some are scarce and you’ll need to trade and/or fight for them. More details of the structure will be available later.
What’s in the boxes?
The boxes contain 1/3/5 (Small/Medium/GIGA) characters+companions and 1/3/5 city blocks. 1 character and 1 city block is essentially everything you need to jump straight into the gameplay.
What’s the purpose of a city block?
A city block is used to farm CYBR - core in-game currency. Another means of getting CYBR - is by staking ALM token. City blocks can be attacked and defended by players using their Characters. They can be upgraded as well.
What do I get from buying a box from a specific partner?
When you buy a box from our partner you’ll be assigned to their clan. e.g. buying from a Polygon gets you into a Polygon clan and buying from us will get you into an Alium clan. The in-game clans' competition is a major mechanic in Cyber City Inc.
Will the price be the same for all drops?
Genesis Wave One is your cheapest option to get into the game. Within the first wave, prices can also differ - later partner drops might be more expensive compared to the first drops of the wave.
Any IDOs for CYBR are planned?
Yes, IDO is planned for December. One of the launchpads we’re partnering with is GameStarter.
Any private sale opportunities?
Sure thing. Contact one of the admins in the Discord community.
Leave a request if you want to become a partner