Competitive Web 3 Cyberverse
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Secret Missions
Your NFT characters can participate in unique expeditions and generate income from the CYBR
Season 3 completed
about game
Free-to-play Cyberpunk Play & Earn with RPG Elements
Hone your skills and Strategies
Raid and Conquer other City Blocks in PVE and PVP
Upgrade your Character, Weapons and Companions
Build up your base and protect your land and earnings from others
Create Alliances to survive and prosper in harsh and unforgiving Dystopian Future
These Corporations control all the wealth and resources, leaving the inhabitants of the City in a dire existence.
Cyber City Streets are ugly, cruel and dangerous. A perfect environment for the strongest and most cunning to claw their way to the top.
In the not so distant future, Cyber City dominates the planet, and corporations
run the world.
Dynamic CYBR Mint rate linked to user activity
Self Regulating Sustainable Tokenomic Model
Three layers of Token Burn: Purchases, Transaction Commissions and Buybacks
Circulating Currency Supply rebalancing through Mint & Burn rate adjustments
Gradual progression towards earning Blockchain Tokens and NFTs
Sustainable Tokenomic Model
Free and Easy start for new players
Hybrid Monetisation Model
Step by step user journey from 0 to hero in Blockchain
AI driver customisation of Characters and Spaces
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Self-regulating Economy based on the AI Analytics
AI-generated player-driven content and events
Cyber Samurai
The last stronghold of tradition and honor in the Dystopian World of Iniquity. A fearless warrior ready to fight and die for his master. His weapon is his soul, and it doesn’t have any room for mercy
Armored Shiba Inu
Man’s best friend with heavy armor ready to fight to the death alongside the owner. Cute, loyal and deadly.
Powered by the human souls trapped in the Internet, HAGE conjures impulses with hacking elements and traditional magic that cause psychosis. Only those who dedicate their lives, minds and souls to it can achieve greatness.
Cyber Spirit
Some type of Spirit, which came from the Internet and got stuck in the mortal plane. Ethereal and magical.
“Machine” is a Deity-like entity that lives in all existing mechanisms from carts to combat robots. The priest of the cult of the Machine, long ago abandoned his humanity, became a Gear in the Construction and Plans of the cult.
Tech Octopus
Mechanical war and convenience devise designed after the extinct marine animal. Weaponized, useful, and cool-looking.
Once a character from extremely popular anime, these beasts manifested into reality through the sheer willpower of their global fandom. Having one of these by your side marks you a true fan of the iconic piece of media, as well as a complete psycho, any fandom has its downsides.
In the digital world you can choose identity. People and cyborgs who forgot who they were in real life and became a physical vessel for their online persona were able to show their digital avatars in this world. Being delusional and terrifying, they will wreak havoc on the battlefield.
Now vampires feed not only on blood, but also on digitized “souls”. Now their thirst for "blood" has become even stronger. Today there is also no place left for their "nobility" and traditions, and they turned into hungry "animals", whose main aim is the desire to survive and the endless hunger.
Cyber Bat
Augmented beasts created by the already forgotten corporation for one of the wars. These creatures outlived the creators and now run freely and terrorize the population of Cyber City. Because of their rebellious nature, they can only be tamed by someone truly terrifying.
Street Fighter
Street Fighter
In a world where there are no laws of honor and traditions left, there is only a race for survival. The fighters in this race rely only on their strength. Their motivation is to be the strongest. Fighters live in the moment, their goal is battle.
Stray Cat
Cats were destined to outlive us from the start. During the peaceful years of the past, they were cute, small, and domesticated. The times had changed and they grew in size, intellect and ferocity, but still have a bit of the “soft and cuddly” side left to them.
In the world of endless war there will always be those who are ready to make money ona bloodshed. They rely on every tool available to them, firearms, ambushes, hacking, and hand-to-hand combat. Mercenaries fight only for profit, so they are unreliable and can flee or change sides if it suits them.
A flying war machine powered by AI became very widespread during the last Corporate war. Because of their advanced AI with basic emotions and the time spend together with the owner, many veterans view them as some sort of housepet, a very deadly housepet.
Don’t take life too seriously and enjoy yourself - that’s the buccaneers’ motto. They are here to fight, survive and plunder to get profit out of this dull dystopian world. Living in the moment and relying on a “chance” is their way to live, fight and die.
Clockwork Parrot
Birds are smart, Augmented birds are smarter. Mech Parrots are the trusted companions of those who chose the life of adventure and plunder. Those who prefer their instincts over judgement prefer this companion because of its Insights and wisdom.
The Internet and the Machine became the New Gods of the new world and almost completely eroded the religions of the past. But there are still those who call to the Gods of the Old times, and only Gods will lead them to the answer.
An attempt to recreate the characters from the long perished religious texts leads to the creation of these terrifying creatures. Forget your cute winged angels, just seeing this thing will make you “believe”, the issue is that no one remembers what it is you’ve got to believe in.
They scavenge, search, collect and survive. Those who are cornered to the brink of their survival employ any means necessary to stay alive. Scavengers are inventive, adaptive and still continue living, no matter what this life looks and feels like.
Multipurpose Drone
Simple tech simple mech. An unreliable companion built from trash is there to help you forget about the monolith solitude of modern existence. Your charismatic simple programmed companion is full of surprises since even its creators sometimes don’t know what it's built from.
Mobile App release
Cyber City Release


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