NFTb is one of the most-sought after NFT projects on BSC. It enables artists and collectors to engage in a multi-chain NFT trading environment. NFTb's signature character is the Tech-Priest.
Whats in the Box?
Small Box
1 Epic Character
1 Deadly Weapon
1 Loyal Companion
1 City Block
Medium Box
3 Epic Characters
3 Deadly Weapons
3 Loyal Companions
3 City Blocks
5 Epic Characters
5 Deadly Weapons
5 Loyal Companions
5 City Blocks
The Tech Priest has abandoned any signs of humanity to become one with The Machine. His existence lies in the continued development of the next phase in human evolution. While the Tech Priest leads the cult of The Machine, nobody really knows what The Machine's origin is.
It is believed that The Machine is a deity of ancient times that have influenced the cult's Tech Priests and followers for them to mesmerize all Cyberians to become one with him. Are you ready to convert?
Tech Priests