SWAPP enables 100% of the data monetization revenue to flow back to the end users. It's true decentralization that will fuel the Cyber City ecosystem soon! SWAPP's signature character is The Hage.
Whats in the Box?
Small Box
1 Epic Character
1 Deadly Weapon
1 Loyal Companion
1 City Block
Medium Box
3 Epic Characters
3 Deadly Weapons
3 Loyal Companions
3 City Blocks
5 Epic Characters
5 Deadly Weapons
5 Loyal Companions
5 City Blocks
What happens when magic meets technology? You've got The Hage! Hages exists in Cyber City to seek human souls and digitize them to fuel their advancement in Cyber City.
Hages can conjure spells that combines hacking and traditional magic, however, Hages like to work individually and not as a cabal. One thing's for sure, each human soul will fuel their shared interest - fuel their magic with digitized human souls. Yes, you're in trouble.